Tree Removal

Tree Removal

At 1300 4 TREES we love trees. It would be good if we never had to remove any, but unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable for a number of reasons. These include:

  • A tree is dead and/or poses a threat
  • A tree is in decline
  • A tree is infested by pests
  • A tree’s roots are damaging structures
  • A tree is obstructing construction works

We are highly skilled arborists based in Adelaide, with extensive experience in removing all types of trees in differing situations. From large complex removals, dangerous trees and those in confined areas, to much smaller removals, which we carry out with equal efficiency.

There are many different techniques we use during the tree removal process. These are determined by a thorough inspection of the surrounding area before any work commences and will include, consideration of accessibility issues and potential obstacles or hazards.

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Manual Dismantling

This is the most common method used, in which we use climbing arborists to safely dismantle the trees. Our qualified and experienced climbers physically climb the trees using rope and harness techniques. They will prune tree branches and limbs in a methodical manner, to dismantle the tree, only a trained eye will know how to do this. In some instances, we will use lowering ropes and devices to control the branches and limbs to the ground in order to prevent damage to the surrounding structures, buildings or other trees.

Elevated Work Platforms

We have a wide range of EWP’s that we use at 1300 4 TREES, including truck, mounted and tracked access, for those harder to reach sites. Some are knuckle boom and others straight boom to cover every scenario we may come across. These EWP’s are used in cases where we deem the tree unsafe to climb or where the tree is close to power lines and/or buildings. Use of an EWP allows the climbers to dismantle the tree in handheld sections.


When our services are called upon and the tree is dangerous, large, or in an awkward area, at 1300 4 TREES our wealth of experience allows us to put a methodology in place to safely remove these trees with the aid of a crane. We have access to 3-tonne cranes through to 100-tonne cranes and also utilise crane trucks to assist with the logistics of moving larger timber. This can be an expensive operation but is often compensated for, with the reduction in labour hours.

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Clear Felling

Where there is a large open space for larger trees or even your back yard with smaller trees; and where there is clearance from any obstacles, then clear felling a tree from ground level is the common method we use. This can be assisted with pulling ropes, winches or even wedges knocked into the back cut. As easy as it seems, this is still a method that requires a lot of skill and experience but is generally the fastest technique to remove a tree.