Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is essential for a tree’s well-being and healthy growth. Pruning involves trimming the crown of the tree by cutting away overgrown, unhealthy or dead branches and giving the tree a groomed natural shape and appearance. Just like any other plants, trees need to be maintained and ignoring this much-needed maintenance can lead to all sorts of issues and may lead to the tree having to be removed.

Anyone can cut away at a tree, but professional pruning is almost an art form. At 1300 4 Trees we have a proven track record, with years of experience and expertise in carrying out the correct pruning process for a vast number of tree species, regardless of size or other factors.

According to research, a tree lives longer and healthier when it is frequently pruned, and it is to be noted that the pruning must be performed in compliance with the specific characteristics of the tree.


tree pruning south australia

The professionals at 1300 4 Trees and our tree pruning service team determine the extent to which pruning is required for the tree to flourish and retain its vitality and reason the tree was planted in the first place.

Here are just some of the reasons our tree pruning service is essential:

  • To enhances longevity and health of the tree
  • To give every part of the tree healthy exposure to sunlight and air
  • To prevent disease, pets or fungus from affecting the tree
  • To remove old, overgrown or dangerous branches
  • To maintain the trees correct shape and size to work with its environment
  • To provide a long life for the tree so that can remain an essential and useful part of your garden

Call us to discuss the options you have regarding your trees and we will make an appointment to meet with you on your property so we can provide a no obligation quotation for you and work out the best way to undertake your job.


Watch 1300 4 TREES tree pruning in action