The Parade Norwood, Project Tree Maintenance

On a cold winter’s day we were out working on the Norwood Parade maintenance pruning the trees that lined the Parade. 

The risk of a tree branch falling becomes a risk  if trees are not properly maintained, particularly in high urban density areas. A common method we used on this project is called crown lifting this is done by removing the lower branches and deadwood to a desired clear height above the traffic lanes and pedestrian footpaths..

Crown lifting removing the lower branches 


The next step is to remove small secondary growth. This is known as reduction pruning (see image below) where the ends of branches are pruned back in order to shorten the height and spread of the tree. The Australian Standard 4373 ‘Pruning of amenity trees’ is the standard  guideline for reduction techniques & crown lifting, our qualified and trained arborists are skilled in these tree maintenance techniques.

Removing small secondary growth


Clearing the foliage for a clear path and work space


1300 4 Trees getting the job done professionally!