The importance of Pruning your trees

Trees can add value to your home, help cool your home and neighbourhood, break the cold winds to lower your heating costs and provide food for wildlife. Tree pruning is a vital part of a trees life. It is very important that this task be carried out with greatest care and by ensuring the use of proper pruning cuts and techniques. Knowing the biology of the tree species you are working on, will ensure that the prune carried out will add to the healthy growing future of the tree. All trees respond differently to pruning operations and the effects of pruning a tree can vary with the season and according to how much of the tree is pruned away.

Improper pruning of limbs can also lead to weak, hollowed trunks. Pruning cuts should be made close to the trunk, a bud or branch. Do not leave stubs as they are an open invitation to rot and decay and eventually can lead to rot entering healthy tissue and the trunk. Proper pruning averts this problem.

Proper pruning techniques include: removing dead or dying branches, eliminating narrow, v-shaped crotch angles, trimming out limbs that grow towards the centre of the tree, removing limbs that rub together, making cuts close to the trunk or branch and not leaving stubs.

When to Prune?

Spring pruning

Early spring pruning of trees is often preferred because plants are approaching a period of rapid growth and pruning wounds will heal quickly. In general, if all you want to do is trim out dead, weak or diseased parts of the tree, this type of pruning can be done at any time of the year without drastic effects on the tree. If you prune to thin the trees to allow light for grass and shrubs, prune in late winter or early spring.

Summer pruning

Summer pruning is done to direct the growth by slowing the branches you don’t want; or to slow or “dwarf” the development of a tree or branch. The reason for the slowing effect is that you reduce the total leaf surface, thereby reducing the amount of food manufactured and sent to the roots. Another reason to prune in the summer is for corrective purposes – Defective limbs can be seen more easily or limbs that hang down too far under the weight of the leaves are more apparent in summer.

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