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Trees are not only beautiful; they are good for the environment and can be practical. We all love trees however, from time to time, some trees can become hazardous. Trees can out grow their domestic environment, drop branches that can cause damage, they can become deceased, or unhealthy for many reasons, ugly and old or cause an issue between neighbours.

To keep trees healthy and a pleasure for all to enjoy it is important to look after them, nurturing them just like any other plant and to maintain them at a size to suit their environment.

Again, 1300 4 Trees is one of the most sought after and renowned tree removal Adelaide, companies. Our years of experience and knowledge of all types of trees provides you with a high quality of work, service and more importantly, and understanding of how we should address your trees and their health.

Tree removal is not just a matter of cutting a tree down. Our Tree Removal Adelaide service is made up of a team of highly skilled arborists, with extensive experience in removing all types of trees in all situations. From large complex removals, dangerous trees and those in confined area to smaller trees which we carry out with equal efficiency.

When removing a tree is it essential to remove it correctly, following a process that gets the job done without incident. It is also important to remove the stump of non-dead trees to ensure no re-growth occurs from this. Removing the stump is always recommended, even if re-growth cannot occur as the stumps are un-slightly and often in the way. Many times we have seen tree stumps left after a tree removal which in not efficient or acceptable.

At 1300 4 Trees, we not only facilitate complete removal of the tree but also engage in treatments, like pruning, reshaping, stump grinding and much more. Whether you own a vast property, a courtyard dwelling or even seek tree pruning and maintenance for your commercial premises garden area you can count on us to give you the right advice, a no obligation site assessment and quotation and to get the job done, without fuss or difficulties.

Call us to discuss the options you have regarding your trees and we will make an appointment to meet with you on your property so we can provide a no obligation quotation for you and work out the best way to undertake your job.



Our safety prune can reduce the danger to you and your property

Here are some of the reasons trees need to be removed:

  • The tree is dead and poses a threat
  • The tree may be in decline, due to its age or lack of care
  • The tree may be infested by pests
  • The tree is obstructing construction works
  • The tree roots are damaging structures or underground works

Our tree removal team

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