Stump Grinding & Poisoning

Stump Grinding

For whatever reason, you have had a tree or trees removed and what now remains are the tree stumps. Apart from the stump or stumps becoming a hazard and unsightly, there is no valid reason to retain them. 1300 4 TREES provide an excellent cost-effective solution for stump grinding. We use special stump grinders, which are purpose-built for the task in accordance with the size and type of stump that requires attention.

Our stump grinding services team of professionals astutely select the right equipment for the right job, keeping in mind the location of the stump and how deeply set in the ground it is.

It is vital that the right equipment is used on the relevant stump and that extra attention is given to the following:

  • To assess if the stump and its roots are too close to a building
  • To check if the stump and its roots are directly above underground wiring or plumbing

If either of the above is the case, we need to exercise caution and provide another solution.

This means we do not grind the stump completely, but simply grind all that is above ground and then apply poison to what remains below ground. This will ensure the stump dies and no re-growth will occur.

Where the terrain poses a problem, we use a tracked machine to access the stump. Efficient removal of tree stumps is a must, especially if you wish to plant in the same spot or area again or if any type of construction is going ahead.

Call us to discuss the options you have regarding tree stump removal and we will make an appointment to meet with you on your property so we can provide a no obligation quotation for you and work out the best way to undertake your job.