Palm Tree Removal & Cleaning Adelaide

Palm Tree Removal In Adelaide

Palm trees are very popular in many Australian climates and can be ideal for large or small gardens. Many grow tall with majestic fronds that provide shade and add a tropical feel to outdoor areas. But they do require  maintenance to keep them in peak condition.

At 1300 4 TREES, we understand there are right ways and wrong ways to prune trees, including palm trees. It is important to maintain their health, beauty, and functionality. We pride ourselves on being one of the best-known palm tree maintenance and removal companies in Adelaide. Regardless of the location, size or position on your palm tree.

     When should you remove your palms?

    There are many reasons why palm trees need to be removed and cleared. Some of these reasons may be due to:

    • Grown too large for the area
    • Have become unhealthy
    • Do not wish to retain the palm trees any longer

      To prune, shape and remove old fronds on tall palms like Cocos Palms, we use a telescopic lift to extend our reach to the top. Then we remove surplus fronds to create an attractive looking collar.

      To remove your palms we use our cutting-edge technique, state-of-the-art equipment and we can cut the whole palm tree down in less than a day. Dependent on the size or number of palms we are working on.

      Our experiences, knowledge, and understanding of palms mean we can look after or remove many species of palm trees, including but not limited to:

      • Cotton Palm
      • Cocos Palm
      • Bungalow Palm
      • Canary Island Date Palm

      Our palm tree removal Adelaide service also includes removing palm stumps, mulching on site and we provide a palm relocation option.

      Call us to discuss the options you have regarding your palms. We will make an appointment to meet with you on your property so we can provide a no obligation quotation for you and work out the best way to undertake the job.