Know Your Trees

There is no doubt about it having mature trees in your yard or property is usually seen as a valuable commodity as they provide shade for the house, can act like a screen for unwanted noise or views, protect slopes from erosion and are pretty to look at. Mature trees also require maintenance and regular assessment to ensure no damage to your house from broken branches or falling trees.

With this in mind, it is important to know how to inspect your trees. After a big storm walk around the trees in your yard, do this close-up and from a distance and looking from top to bottom. Inspect and take note of any change in foliage, branches roots and bark. For large and mature trees it is necessary to inspect the tree’s crown for dead wood and brown leaves.

Remember trees don’t grow perfectly straight and a slight lean is perfectly normal. However, if you notice a dramatic change in the lean of your tree and their branches particularly after a storm then it is likely that the tree roots have been damaged. You will know this because you will see cracked or raised soil.
This is a good time to contact 13004TREES to carry out a thorough professional assessment on your tree.