Happy International Plant Appreciation Day

International Plant Appreciation Day is celebrated worldwide on 13th April, reminding us to respect plant species for nutrition, as well as to prevent soil erosion, modify temperatures, provide shade and (of course) for aesthetic purposes.

This event is understandably very close to our heart, here at 1300 4 Trees. We love trees and it would be good if we never had to remove any, but unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable for a number of reasons ranging from poor health to safety hazards at homes and within the wider community.

We would like to commend the team at Greening Australia, for their ongoing dedication to turning vulnerable Australian landscapes into places where people and nature thrive. One of their initiatives is the annual tree planting event at Ropes Creek in New South Wales. Since we can’t attend this event, we encourage everyone get involved by planting a tree in your their local communities to celebrate International Plant Appreciation Day.

Read more at: http://bit.ly/OWCIPAD